Unexpected Materials.
Classic Attitude.

When reclaimed wood meets classic lines each guitar begs to tell its story. You find it in, the old porch from the 1930’s made from fir.  The hot attic, with the nail marked pine. Or those floor boards, over 200 years old, pitted and scraped up, all one-of-a-kind beauty. Once assembled, colors wash over the wood bringing yet another dimension to the guitar. Of course, there are those few guitars, where the wood is just that special, that only a clear coat will do.  These combinations create an aesthetic all their own and a sound to match.  The sound is resonant, but focused with clean overtones.  It is full, snappy and responsive.  Unified guitars are as rich played clean as they are overdriven and distorted.

Unified Guitar Works reclaimed wood guitars are each unique and have a story to tell. Purchase a fully built guitar, or if you are ready to let your creativity take over, you can order just the body. Maybe a custom job? Unified Guitar Works can help you with whatever you can dream up.